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Birchfield Comics represents some of the most talented and creative comic artists from the Nordic countries. Their material span from comics for children (Nils the Cat) to spine-tickling horror (Love Hurts).  If you are looking for that little extra which will make the readers and consumers pay attention to your newspaper, magazine or website, you should definitely review our list.

The comic strips and comic artists we represent are:
LOVE HURTS by Kim W Andersson
M by Mads Eriksen
NILS THE CAT by Joakim Gunnarsson och Johanna Kristiansson
THE UNPLEASANTS by Jimmy Wallin and Axel Trumpfheller
SLAPSTICK by Simon Svensson and Jimmy Wallin
BILLER by Malin Biller
PET AND PANTY by Mim Sörensson
DEATH PIGLET by Johan Brandstedt

Birchfield Comics also represents the graphic novel THE 120 DAYS OF SIMON by Simon Gärdenfors. The novel was published in Sweden 2008 and will be published in the US by TopShelf during fall 2009.For a presentation in English about the above mentioned works, please contact us at either of the following e-mail addresses:


You can also reach us at phone number +46 703 91 92 98

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